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One of the unintended consequences of being pushed up two grades is that at graduation I am still fifteen.  The colleges in the nuns’ network consider me too young to be uprooted and sent thousands of miles away for four years.

They say wait at least another year.   To me, that is too far to see.

Out of the blue, Mother Paulinus sends word that she wants to see me right away.  There is someone she wants me to meet.

She introduces me to Elizabeth Reid.  She is an Australian.  She is the editor of a Catholic newspaper in Hong Kong.  She came to Macau for a retreat.  Elizabeth greets me with a warm smile.

I soon discover that the nuns have been effusive in talking me up to Elizabeth.   She is holding a copy of The Rosette.   Now that the nuns are no longer responsible for keeping my pride from stumbling into a horrible fall, they are bragging about me like tiger mothers.   They use the word gifted without mentioning demons.

Elizabeth offers me a full scholarship to a new kind of school in Ohio, U.S.A.   She promises me that after one year at this school, they will place me in an appropriate American college.

What new kind of school?  Mother Paulinus hands me a brochure.

Elizabeth says that when I come to see her in Hong Kong she will answer all my questions.

The brochure shows small buildings in a rural setting.  They mention international students, including a European baroness.  From this I gather that they are a sort of finishing school like the ones in Switzerland that my cousin Didi is considering.

Although the teachers are not nuns, they emphasize spiritual training, whatever that is.  In any case, I will only be there for one year.

I am going to America!



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