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SSCleveland1951SS President Cleveland in Hong Kong

After all the fond goodbyes and promises to write, and final warnings for visitors to disembark, we are on our way.   The tugboats sound their horns and release our ocean liner.

The ocean is the color of ink.  Now I know why there is a blue called navy.  I spin around on the deck and all I can see is the navy blue sea and the sky.  It seems as limitless as my future.


There are about twenty students on board.   They are not all strangers.  My cousin Pat is also traveling to a college in New York.

In no time we students have formed a group.   We are on a slow boat with stopovers in Japan and Hawaii.   We will be together for weeks.

Pat&Doreen1953Pat and me in Kyoto



John comes aboard in Japan.   He is an American who was visiting his parents in Japan.  He is a senior at Dartmouth.

waikiki Beach1953Waikiki Beach

D&ORCH~FxOrchids in Honolulu

Voyage53b copy

One last photo – Farewell!

Golden GateGolden Gate Bridge

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