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I look forward to John’s letters.  We have conversations about things that matter, but he is also witty and fun.   He asks me to send him a close-up photo.  He already has snapshots.

His fraternity is having a contest to choose “Sweetheart of Delta Upsilon.”  I look through my photos.  There is nothing worth sending.

I hope it’s just a fun contest and not a real beauty contest.

I remember that I have a color transparency that my sister’s photographer friend has done.  Besides my passport photos, he wanted to take some shots for his own portfolio.  He asked me to wear evening dress.

He gave me one transparency.  I am amazed what a clever photographer can do with lighting.  I don’t even notice my pug nose.  That’s the only photo that I would submit.

The general store here is not equipped to print it.  They say it is too expensive and they have no demand from customers.

John says send it and he’ll get it printed.  He also invites me to his college for Homecoming Weekend.

Dartmouth old

Before I can answer, he writes that I have been voted “Sweetheart of Delta Upsilon.”  I definitely have to show up now.  This is so exciting!

The answer from the staff is no.  I plead that I came all the way from China by myself, that John is a perfect gentleman who helped me in San Francisco.  There will be many other girls visiting, and the weekend will be properly chaperoned.

It is simply no.  Do not ask again.

I write to John and explain as well as I can without offending him.    I would love to come, but I cannot get permission.  I do not get a reply.  After some weeks, I write to him again asking why I have not heard from him.

I never hear from John again.  I know that he is a courteous person who would not be rude.    But I have not heard from most of my other friends either.   Come to think of it, not from a single male.  Are they censoring my letters?   They have no right!

Would they go so far?  I shudder.   Why are they doing this?   Maybe I’m mistaken.   There must be some other explanation.

This is going to be harder that I thought.


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