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I hear Juanita’s merry laugh.   She is on the driveway saying goodbye to friends.  She calls me over and introduces me.  One of her relatives is a young priest.  They have just come back from a day at an amusement park.

Juanita describes how thrilling it was.   I remember an amusement park called Luna Park in Hong Kong, but it was small and didn’t have roller coasters.

Juanita tells her friends that I am from the Far East.  So far from home!  They say you must come along with Juanita next time.  Of course I’d love to.

I head back to the house.   I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder as I am pulled back.   I turn and face Leitha.  She is an older staff member going way back to when they were in Europe.

Whenever I see Leitha looking at me she seems to be disapproving of something.  I try to avoid her.

Now her eyes are boring into me and her expression is unmistakably malevolent.  I am an insect she must crush.

Special friendships are not allowed here!  She practically spits it out.


Her hand is still dug into my shoulder like a claw.   Why is she so angry?

Do you understand?  It is not a question it is a command.

She was watching me laughing with Juanita’s friends and she does not like it.  I don’t understand.

I just want to get away.   I nod yes.

She lets go and I walk away quickly.


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