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I take part in a dance drama we stage in a theater in Cincinnati.  It is called “The New Eve.”

 Mary and Serpent copy

 Mary the New Eve Crushing the Serpent’s Head

I dance the part of Eve’s son.  He is neither Cain nor Abel but a generic son.  I dance the part as the chorus tells the story.

We also have a group dance where we race around the stage depicting joy.  The chorus sings Diffusa Est , which we learned in our polyphonic class.

We are bussed in and out of Cincinnati for the event.  I get only a glimpse of the city.  The production is staged one time only.

The polyphonic classes culminate on Easter Sunday in a Solemn High Mass at the Cathedral Basilica near Cincinnati.

 Assumption1 copy

We are part of an army of singers, choirs from around the city, a great number of priests and seminarians, and even an angelic small boys’ choir.

The highlight is our singing of the Hallelujah Chorus in Handel’s Messiah.  It is overwhelming to be in the middle of that tremendous outpouring of celebration and triumph.

Later I thought how it was bracing to hear those deep men’s voices.   I have been hearing women’s voices only.  I thought of Father Vitry’s dynamic way of interpreting the chant.  What must that be like sung by monks?

I miss having men in my world.  Fortunately, my school year is coming to an end.   I wonder what college I will be going to next year.

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