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Nine years later, Herb’s defenses start to break down.  I escape from my home.  My husband stubbornly refuses to go for medical treatment.   He just wants me to come home.

It goes on too long and to break the impasse I file for a divorce.     My divorce lawyer complains that I am not helping him and am asking him to defend me with his hands tied behind his back.

I have dreams of being caught in a tsunami.   I have dreams of water rising and floating my house away.   I have dreams of getting lost and having to find my way back to Fifth Avenue though I never lived there.

Then I have a dream where I hear someone singing

When I grow too old to dream I’ll have you to remember

And I see Dr. Lowen.

What he warned me against has come to pass.  It is a comfort to see him, even in a dream.

I write him a letter letting him know what has happened.



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Herb has a breakdown.   He accepts medical treatment.  I stop the divorce proceedings and I go home.

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