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Jasmin and I are both at Edgecliff College.   At Christmas break we go job hunting together.   What can we do?  We know that we can arrange flowers because people ask us to do this when they want something special.

We go to a popular local florist.  After testing us, they hire us on the spot.   We lucked out.

It is a wonderful time to work here.  The store windows are decked out for Christmas.    As you open the door, bells jingle.   People come in smiling.

Jasmin and I stand side by side at a large work counter.   They bring us a stream of fresh flowers, containers, baskets and customers’ wishes.   We make up each arrangement choosing quickly from the huge supply of baby’s breath, greens, pine cones, berries, ribbons and trimmings.

It gets busier and busier.   We work overtime.   Finally, the season is over.

When I open my envelope I see that they have even given me a small bonus.

From now on, keep the money you earn!

Why did I have to hear that from Muriel?


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