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It is Christmas again.  Liam went home to his father for a family reunion.   I have only a couple of days off and I stay in the city.

I will celebrate Christmas Day with Jasmin’s family in Queens.

What are you planning to do the day after Christmas, Herb wants to know.

I’m going to the Frick Museum.   I’ve never been there.

Do you mind if I come with you?

I like to wander around certain rooms of the Met by myself.   It’s not the same when I go with friends or show visitors around.   It is a strange thing to say about a museum but I feel at home there.

I plan to roam around the Frick the same way.

I don’t see a gracious way to say to Herb no don’t come with me to the Frick, I want to be alone with tourists and strangers in this museum and see if I feel at home there too.





If there were more than a handful of people at the Frick Museum that day we didn’t notice.

If you are suddenly going to fall in love with someone you feel you’ve known forever, that setting is perfect.

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