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Herb stays at his job because his contract is with the company and not his father.   He doesn’t say much about the office.

Saul Schlegel, however, keeps me up on what is happening.

Saul says that Mr. G. has given up on the idea of trashing me since he realizes that it turns off the people who know me and leads others to question his motives.

However, he is still looking for a way to stop Herb from marrying me.

He goes so far as to call Liam at the hospital as soon as he comes back from vacation.   I did not have the chance yet to tell Liam about Herb and me.  I want to do it in person.

Mr. G. puts Liam on speakerphone so that Saul and a couple of others Mr. G. has called into his office can be witnesses in case this conversation turns out to be damning to me.

Tell me Liam, why are you and Miss Cotton not married yet?

I wish the hell we were.

Did you know that she is going to marry my son?

The crazy one?

I can’t help laughing.  This is farce.

At the same time it is horrifying.

O my god, Saul, I have become Mr. G.’s latest case!

Saul says yes, I’m afraid he will chew on that bone until he wears himself out or the jury comes back against him.


Soon enough I hear from Liam.

You really know how to hurt a guy, he says.

Liam remained gallant when confronted by Mr. G., but we both know and maybe didn’t want to know that we would not make it as a couple.


Saul tells me that Mr. G. got Herb’s friends to give him some needed advice.   They say to Herb look, we can see that you are head over heels, which is exactly why you need to listen to us.

Get married if you must, but be sure that you get an ironclad pre-nuptial agreement.

Herb says I won’t insult my wife.

No one argues with him.

Saul says you know, once we all felt like that but it must have been another age.

I think in some way Herb still lives in that old world which is also familiar to me and in which we both feel at home.

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