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Saul was at Mr. G.’s big event.  Wait till you hear what happened, he tells me.

The Chief Rabbi or whoever was presiding at the dinner rose to speak.   He welcomed everyone.

Then he said first of all, I would like to thank Miss Doreen Cotton, without whom this dinner would not be possible.

You should have heard the applause!

The amazing thing was that no one looked around to see where you were.  They all knew that you were not in the room and neither was Herb.

Everyone knows the whole story and is talking about it.

I think the jury has come back in your favor, Saul says.


I get a call from Milton Blackstone.

Wow!  I heard what you did.

I got married, that’s all.

Sure.    As his father said, Herbert met his match.   I’m happy for both of you.

Milton wants to take us out to dinner, but too much is happening and we never set a date.


After we settle into our new home we send out an official announcement of our marriage.

Wedding gifts arrive for weeks and months after as though we had a big wedding.


Mrs. G. asks me to go with her to a luncheon benefit for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  This time it is not a secret.

We invite the family to dinner.

They all call him Dad and call her Mother.  I do the same.

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