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My sister tells me that Ah Seem came when we were at school.  Why didn’t she wait for us?

She didn’t come to see us.  She came crying to our mom.  She is heart-broken.  She asked her therapist if she would have a boy.  He said yes.   He also said that when the baby was born she must give him a name that the therapist chose.

She was very happy when the baby boy was born.  She asked her husband to give him the name the therapist chose.  He did.

A short time later, the baby got sick and died.

Our mom said why are you coming to me for advice now?  We are Christians.  We think that your therapist speaks for the devil.   You named your son for him, and he took him.

I don’t think it’s fair what our mom said, but I don’t know why.  I just wish she hadn’t said it.  Poor Ah Seem.  Why did things get so bad?

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