10. April 2013 · Comments Off on Casting Doubt · Categories: D. 5 to 8 years, The Beast

My mom is talking about our going to the United States.  I don’t have to ask why.  I heard her say to the lieutenant that he must go home and marry the poor girl in Portugal that he forgot about.  She says it in a tone that even I know she doesn’t mean a word of it.

When she notices that I have entered the room, she glares at me.  It is not a good sign.

Why is she saying this now?  She always knew that as long as my dad is alive she is married to him.   My cousin’s dad got divorced, but actually his wife divorced him in Hong Kong, but in Macau he is still married.

I don’t know what my dad thinks.  He doesn’t write and he doesn’t visit.  He forgot my birthday for years.  We never talk about him.

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