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The whole compound is in an uproar.   We are told to stay indoors.  Soldiers patrolling the back of the island found paw prints in the mud.  They are of a tiger or maybe a leopard.

The paw prints point in one direction only, towards us.  There are no prints leading back towards the mainland.  All day long, groups of soldiers search every inch of the hill behind our house.  They find nothing.

We hope to see the tiger.  Maybe he will come out of hiding at night.  They leave all the lights on outside the barracks.  Our lights are on too.   We watch searchlights on the hill moving with the soldiers among the trees.  But nobody sees the tiger.

The next day, after school we are allowed to go and see the paw prints in the mud.   All day long we hear about the different ways the tiger could have sneaked away.

Bronze blue tiger copy

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