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My brother has gone.  He went to our father in Hong Kong.  I don’t expect to hear from him either.

My sister goes to a new school where she will learn stenography and office work.   She is the same age as our cousin Pat, who goes to Sacred Heart, but they hang out with each other.

I am the only one who goes to Santa Rosa.  Most of my friends there have gone back to Hong Kong.  I have to start all over making friends.

I sit in the garden and count my losses.   An old ditty rings in my ear:

Everybody hates me,

Nobody loves me,

I think I’ll go to the garden and eat worms.

This is so ridiculous that I laugh out loud.   Stupid song.  What am I thinking!

The startled rabbits go back to munching.

The hibiscus by the gate is still blooming.   The scrumptious custard apples are still my favorite.

I know my brother will think of me too.

We will be fine.




Custard Apples by Edith Jorge DeMartini


Flower girls at my cousin Nena’s wedding


Party at Didi’s house

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