27. March 2013 · Comments Off on Neon Magic · Categories: H. 9 to 10 years

After dinner we head down towards the big road.  Wow!  What is this?  I never saw this in the movies.

What happened to the hot dusty road we traveled on yesterday?

The tall signs with undecipherable Chinese characters clamoring for attention from every building have receded into a nightscape of lights.  Rainbow colored lights wink, circle and flash, outshining lesser lights with their unnatural glow.

Random dance music from open doors adds a beat to the street sounds.

There are just as many people milling around on the street.  But the people are different.  The energy is different.  It is palpable.  I think of it as glamorous big city night magic.

It is only vampire magic and will vanish in a poof when the sun appears.

My friends know when it’s time to head back up the slope.  The magic will come back tomorrow night, and so will we.

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