26. March 2013 · Comments Off on Light Years · Categories: H. 9 to 10 years

As promised, my sister and I get a bed.  It is so narrow that our shoulders cannot fit comfortably.  We sleep head to feet, and we manage to go to sleep this way.

The next day my sister takes me to an orphanage across the street from the shops where my friends and I hung out.   The nuns there are Canossians, from the same order of nuns as those at Sacred Heart.   When we were living on Green Island, we went there, where I sang and danced as a daffodil.

While my sister and the nuns talk, I go outside in the back where they have a garden that goes up the hill in levels.

My sister comes out with a nun, who tells me that the school is at the top level of the garden.  I can see it up there.  It looks small for a school.

On the way home, she says that I am going to this school the next day.  The nuns will not make our dad pay for anything.  They will even give me two uniforms.   She can’t go because she is too old for this school.

My sister does not go back to the house.  She says that she is going to Kowloon to get a job.  She found some of our dad’s relatives, even though he refuses to have anything to do with any of them.

My sister is light years ahead of me.

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