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Our new house is not much better built than the old one.  It has thin walls and a concrete floor.  It also has three rooms, but they are much larger.  The front room is in the center, and there is a bedroom on either side.  All the rooms have windows.

We also have a tiny out building propped against a large tree.  There are trees all around.   A similar older house is at the other end of the yard near the entrance from the street.

We can see the small church and walk to the rectory from our house.  The priest is old and has a white beard.   He is gruff but I can tell that he is kind.

I go down the slope to the big road.  It is not the same as the old neighborhood.  I don’t know anyone, and I don’t see any groups of girls either.

Trams go by.  I see people standing on a little island between the tracks.   They are waiting for the tram.  I go there to see what it’s like.

The tram comes.  People push from behind.   Before the tram stops, the door folds open and hits the back of my shoulder.  Someone catches me before I fall towards the tram.

Linda wants to know what I was doing on the tram island in the first place, but she brings a healer to the house.   She makes a strong smelling poultice and tells me I have to keep it on my back for I don’t know how long.


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