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My sister comes back.  When she unpacks her suitcase she finds her money is missing.   She gets into a fight with Linda.  They go at it  hammer and tongs.

My sister goes to the police station and comes back with a detective.  He searches the house and then looks around outside.  He finds my sister’s money stuffed into a dead hollow tree that’s lying on its side.  Linda’s new amah confesses.

My sister tells me that someone at the police station has an empty apartment she can afford, and she is taking me with her.

No one objects.

We go even farther down the road, all the way to where the tram circles back.


The apartment house is also up the hill.  We have the upstairs apartment.  It looks new.  It is small, but it has everything that we need.   It has a bedroom, a living room, and a Chinese style kitchen and bathroom.  It has a balcony overlooking a creek.

A European woman and her daughter live downstairs.  Her daughter’s name is Loretta.  She is a little older than my sister.

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