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After my sister leaves for work early in the morning I have nothing to do till she comes home after work.

She buys magazines.   I read detective stories, Photoplay, Vanity Fair, and psychology stories.   I am captivated by stories about schizophrenia, manic depression and Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.   I think I’m getting an inferiority complex.  I read the magazines from cover to cover.

Then I have nothing to do.

Hanging around down on the main road is even less fun than the last neighborhood.   But I go there anyway.

I watch the tram slowly make the turnaround to go back into town.   It stops, and a woman jumps out and runs towards me.  It is Anita, my mother’s friend.

She wants to know what I am doing here.  She is appalled that my sister and I are living by ourselves and that I am not going to school.

She had missed her stop, and she stayed on the tram to circle back to it.   We kiss goodbye.  She gets back on the tram.

 neighborhood tram

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