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Uncle Pedro has two Filipino chefs who are staying in the back with the amahs.  The amahs do not like it.   They have to put up with it because Uncle Pedro likes his own kind of food.

Suddenly, the amahs are running from the kitchen and screaming for my mom.  I follow them to the kitchen where one of the chefs is shaking a hot pan with a piece of meat jumping on it.

It is human!

They shoo me out of the kitchen.

The next day, the chefs are gone.

Ah Seem tells me that the chefs are gone because they can’t cook for us anymore if they can’t tell the difference between animal and human meat.  Is there human meat in the market?  Of course not, Ah Seem says.

My sister says that the war is making some people desperate, and they are secretly selling human meat as beef and pork.   How can they tell the difference?

Nerves, she said.  That’s why it was jumping in the pan.