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It is like carnival in the streets.  Fireworks, dancing dragons, people singing It’s a long way to Tipperary, it’s a long way to go…but my heart’s right there.  The song says Tipperary , but the singers mean going home, which for most of the refugees is Hong Kong.  My dad used to sing that song.  My sister says she knows he went to Hong Kong as soon as he could get on a boat.

The best thing is that Uncle Pedro left to be with his family in their own country.

We are going to live on a farm.  My mom gets Indian snake-charmers to get rid of the snakes.  She lets my brother and me watch as long as we stand way back.  We can still see.

The snake-charmers have lots of little baskets.  They sit on the ground and play flutes that someone says are called pungi.  After a while, a few snakes come out, then more and more, one after another.   They slither up to the snake-charmers.  They don’t kill them or catch them.   They let them wind themselves on their arms and lead them into little baskets.  The whole time, they are playing music.  When no more snakes come out, the snake-charmers close the lids.

Now we can move to the farm.  We don’t have to be afraid of snakes anymore.


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 “Snakecharmers” a chromolithograph by Alfred Brehm ca. 1883