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I see two suitcases in the hallway.  Ah Seem says that they are my dad’s.  Where is he?  I run inside his room, but it is empty.   He has gone.  Where?

Ah Seem does not know, but she is sure that soon she will take me to see him.  My mom does not talk about it.

Ah Seem is getting married.   We children go to her wedding.  She is carried in a green sedan chair instead of a red one because she is the second wife.  My sister says that the first wife could not have a son and Ah Seem maybe can.

Our mom put my brother and me in a rickshaw to visit our dad.  He does not expect us.  He runs to stop the rickshaw man from leaving.   He comes back right away, but I see his room with nothing in it except a bed with no sheets.  He looks so upset that I just do what he wants and get back into the rickshaw with my brother.

I cry all the way home, but I pretend that I am brave as my brother who stares at the street people and doesn’t say a word or make a sound.