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My brother is suddenly not doing well in school.  Our mom tells him he has to memorize the time table.  She will test him when she comes back.  He knows the time table.   We go through it, and he gets it right every time.

When our mom asks him, suddenly he forgets and fumbles.  She scolds him.   He had plenty of time to study, what was he doing?  She asks another question.   He fumbles again.  She slaps him.  I can’t believe she did that!  I have never seen her or our dad hit anyone.

She asks another question.  He is holding back tears and can’t answer.   She screams at him but still she hears me prompt him.  She glares at me and tells me to stay out of it.

Now she takes a bamboo switch I didn’t even know she had and hits him in the hands.  He starts to cry.  She hits him hard in the legs.  He howls and crawls under the dining table.

She drags him out by one leg and keeps hitting him with the switch.

I run out into the garden.  What happened to my mom?  There is no one anywhere to answer me.

My brother has been sent away to a school for problem boys to be disciplined by Salesian priests.