The reading came on a cassette tape.  The significant messages were these:

You are a very old soul.

There was a conflict over your name, and you did not get the name that you wanted.

Your life is in sixteen year cycles.

You belong to a group of creative types and teachers.

In this lifetime you are to learn wealth and service.  For this reason wealth will come to you, one way or another.

You have brought with you everything you need to accomplish your tasks.

On this journey you have two guardian spirits.

In the psychic’s meditation she saw you as a young woman in an ancient Greek setting.  You were wearing a long, simple garment.  Your left arm was paralyzed at an angle, and a dish of olives and grapes rested on the crook of that arm.   You were “speaking” with your other hand because you were mute.  You were also deaf.

You were a servant girl.  But you were beautiful, a blonde in a place where most women were brunettes.  A prominent man fell in love with you and took you for himself, after which you lived a pampered life of luxury.   The psychic heard the song “Green Sleeves” in the background.  It is the lament of a man who gives a woman everything and is not loved in return.

You did not give back to the universe.  In this lifetime you are to write a book on reincarnation to give back to the universe.  You will not have to relive the deafness.




  1. wonderful! truly inspiring!

  2. Thanks for sending me this. I think you have found the right memoir voice. You speak as if your audience knows you, but doesn’t know quite the depth of your feelings and beliefs. I like the way you mix letters and email and skip around in time and focus more on thematic organization rather than a linear one. That I really like.

    “Out of the Blue forces” is a good phrase. I also like “interstices of our being” –very nice– and “the fractal edges of our science” which I take to mean “knowledge.”

    The uniqueness vs historical continuity is a good theme. I hope to get more of this thread through out.