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Our mom has gone to the hospital.  We go to our grandmother’s house.  It is far from our school, but nobody thinks we should stay in the house on Green Island with only the amahs.  Everyone is still thinking of the tiger they never found.

I like being in my grandmother’s house.   Titi puts me in her room.   I sleep in the other bed, just as I did when I came here at my confirmation.   Ah Seem is not with me, but now I sit with the grownups at the long table in the dining room.  I get a little juice glass of vinho tinto at dinner.  Titi says it makes your blood strong and is good for you.

Annabelle comes to play with me.  We talk about war movies we saw.   We want to be pilots and fly B52 bombers.  That would be so exciting.  Everyone wants to go to America and see if it’s really like the movies there.

It’s been weeks since I saw my mom in the hospital.


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  1. Hi Titi Doreen,

    I am Adriano Jorge, I am now 28 years of age, and it happened that a friend of mine asked me about whether I knew about what happened to my Great Great Grand Father Aureliano in Happy Valley. He currently works in the Macau Museum, so studying about history and monuments is his interest. He showed me all his research, and I studied a bit, and I started searching for GGGrandpa’s name in google and here I am.

    In the Macanese Family Trees under JORGE I do not see your name, I do not know why, but I am very glad your story allowed me to know more about what happened in the past up to 100 years ago almost.

    We are definitely under the same family. I am not sure if you had the chance to see one of your uncles Augusto Jorge, the third child of your grandpa. Augusto Jorge is my Great Grand Father, where my Grand Father is called Augusto Jorge Jr. He has two kids, Agostinho Alberto Jorge, my father, and Augusto Bernardo Jorge, my uncle. I have two more siblings, Angelo Jorge and Arminda Jorge. We are all AJs 🙂

    It’s amazing how I saw pictures of my great grand uncles (sorry if the name is not correct), especially when I always thought we were a very small family.

    Despite our age difference and generation being so apart, if there is a chance to speak to you and learn more about our family history then that would be lovely!

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Adriano Jorge