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Titi says if the nuns ask for your student records, just tell them that they were lost in a house fire.  I nod.  It’s easier than explaining to Titi that I had gone to school the year before, and that my sister and I lived by ourselves for only a few weeks.  I would never ever mention Anita’s name.

The nuns at Saint Rose, many of whom have known me since kindergarten, are not surprised to see me.  They put me in the right grade for my age.  I have a feeling that the nuns have their own information network, more discreet than the local gossip and probably a lot more accurate as well.


Soon I have a new best friend, Marina.

There are the usual house parties, the weekly American movies we choose from three movie theaters, and riding our bicycles all over town.

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On the beach in Coloane, one of Macau’s islands

My sister writes and tells me that my brother has been building marvelous little model houses out of found materials.   He says that if I am First of the Class he will build me a model house.   Now he’s in on it too.

For me, school changes.  I have always liked school, but the carefree days are over.  I concentrate on my schoolwork to excel in every subject.  I have never done that before.

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