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People have asked me, why didn’t you scream and holler, tell a visitor, or feign illness and refuse to get out of bed?

Why didn’t you steal a stamp, sneak into town and mail a letter?  What is the matter with you?

The scream is inside but it can’t get out.


Detail Children copy


Children of the Red Rain (detail) oil on canvas 1989 by Neil Grayson


Where was your family?

Worlds later, my uncle said that he was told that instead of going on to college I had become a nun.   He said to his wife, que pena, what a pity, but they never thought to question nuns.  To them, religious women were nuns.   They never heard of lay women who made vows and also made up their own rules.

Someone said that if you are thrown off a tall building and you survive, that is your demon.

If you go into the wilderness you will meet your demon.   Actually, you are both there on a date and you found each other on an Inter-dimension Akashic dating site.

At sixteen I was too dumb to know anything that useful.




Minotaur by William Blake

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