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Today was a good day for Liam and me, more than making up for our last dud of a boating trip.

That time, we were three couples spending the afternoon and evening on a power boat owned by Liam’s friend, a doctor.  The doctor’s wife hated me on sight.  Her friend went along with the effort to snub me in their conversations about their young children (at home) and the price of peaches.

By dinner time at a shorefront lobster house, Liam had noticed.  At our end of the table, he asks me, what happened to your charm and wit?

What can I say?

Later, Liam dismisses the snubbing wife.  Oh, that’s because you had the same bathing suit and you filled yours out better.   I didn’t even know there was a competition.

I am beginning to see that competing is a male thing.  I don’t mean that women don’t compete – but when they do, it is still a male thing.  The women among my friends like to circle their arms around you and make you feel at home.    They see strength in numbers unless someone sticks out and ruins the harmony.

That day’s experience weighed on my doubts that I would fit into Liam’s life when we settle down somewhere.

Today, we spent the day on an older doctor’s sailboat, a magnificent tall ship.   It was a large party of young and old sailors and people who love having salt spray in their face.  There was a moment when Liam and I lay side by side on the top deck, propped up on our elbows, with the wind and sun in our hair, and he said, this is living!

Liam was due back at the hospital, and he would first drop me off at my apartment.   The car top was down.   All the way back to the city, we didn’t mind the slow crawl of returning weekend traffic, because we were still in the afterglow of our splendid day on the water.

Shortly after I am in my apartment, my doorbell rings.

Brett, what are you doing here?

I saw you in the Mercedes with the MD license plate.   I was right behind you.  Is he your new boyfriend?

Brett is sputtering, he is so angry.

Brett, I say, why are you so angry?  You dumped me!

I am going to tell him about us.

Brett, there is no us.  That was months ago.

We are still standing in the hallway.

What is this about, Brett?

He doesn’t really know.

Brett, please go home.

Brett and I did not go backwards.

Brett moved.  That is, he left home and got his own apartment not far from mine.   We became friends even though we never dated again.

Well, once I asked him to escort me to a benefit dinner dance, one of those huge affairs where showing off is the point, although pots of money go to charity.   It was an industry benefit and part of my job to be there.   Liam was on call that night.

Brett got a big kick out of meeting my philanthropist boss and the crowds of movers and shakers, celebrity politicians, and their glittering trophy wives and girlfriends.

It was fun to see this vanity fair through Brett’s new eyes.   Of course, the looking went in both directions, like a bridge.

Someone I will never tell who, pulled me aside and asked, who is that gorgeous hunk you brought with you?

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