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DoreenAngelFloating Angels

I sit high on a float, dressed as an angel holding a harp, surrounded by little girl angels.   Our Lady has a crown and clouds at her feet.  We are in the clouds.  Walking alongside us are men with open books, singing like daddy.  But daddy isn’t here, or mommy, or Ah Seem.

Ahead of us, priests in long purple robes and tall hats hold up crosses.

Then there are altar boys in red robes and white lace tunics.  They swing smoking incense lamps.  It smells like inside the church on Sunday.  Behind us there are choir boys and girls from school and nuns with candles.  Everyone is singing.  It is getting dark.  I see the lights of candles way in the back.  On both sides of the street, crowds of people watch us.  I see a woman lighting candles at her window.  I see many windows with candles.

It is a long ride.  We circle up a hill.  I see the moving lights of boats on the sea.  Church bells are ringing.   We are at the top.  The bishop comes out of the church.   He also sings and holds up a big golden cross.   People kneel and bow their heads.  They make the sign of the cross.  Suddenly they are going here and there.  Someone lifts me down from the float.  I still don’t see my mommy or my nanny or anyone.  I try to find them.  I walk and walk.  Then there are not so many people or candles anymore.   It is getting too dark to see.  Someone behind me says, “Look, there is Doreen,” and she scoops me up.  It is my mommy’s friend and her husband.  They take me home.   Everybody is home, including Ah Seem.   They couldn’t find me when I wandered off in the crowd.  They knew someone would find me and bring me home.  No one was afraid that I would really get lost.  I wasn’t afraid either.  It would be like that my whole life.

Penha nightBishop’s Chapel on Penha Hill



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