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In our family, we often gather in large groups, and almost every child is expected to sing, dance, tell jokes, pantomime or entertain in some way.  We rip off comedians.   We steal songs and acts from Shirley Temple, Betty Grable, Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope, and just about anyone who shows up on the big screen.  We love our stars.  We don’t really try to be original.

We put on variety shows, dividing the walkway with sheet curtains.  Our grandmother sits in the best seat, the other grown-ups surrounding her.  Applause, bravos, encores, these are sure things.  We never see a flop.

That summer after our mother died, my brother and I work up a little song and dance routine we mostly steal from the Andrews Sisters.  The song is In Apple Blossom Time.   It is very popular, and it becomes our signature act.

BrotherAnd me copyb

 My brother and me

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