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I have been coming to this beach all summer.  I know every rock and sea creature that is likely to scurry about.   I decide to explore further along the rocky coast.  I am delighted to find a small sandy cove nestled against the steep rise of the rocky hillside.

I climb down and sit on the cool, wet sand.  I have a whole new view of the sea here.  I watch the clouds and daydream.

Suddenly, a rush of water startles me.  Instantly, the water is up to my waist and rising.  To my side, the water is rising over the rocky coast.  There is no time to go back that way before the waves start dashing me against the rocks.

I know what I must do, immediately, before the next wave comes in.

I throw my body forward and swim out towards the sea.  I have to swim past the rocks before I can turn back in to the beach.  I don’t wonder if I can do it, I just do it.

I don’t remember swimming back to the beach, which of course I did.  I also don’t remember feeling fear or panic.

Once I read about a man whose head was in a lion’s mouth when he was saved.  He was asked what he felt when he was that close to sudden death.  He said that at the last moment, his horror and fear were replaced by a sense of complete euphoria, and he felt no pain.

I sometimes wonder if something like that happened to me that day.

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