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Before my mother died when I was eight, and before I went to live with my grandmother, I had my own nanny.  Her name was Ah Seem.  She came to be my nanny when I was born.  I thought she was better than my guardian angel because when she suddenly grabbed me and hugged me tight to keep me from seeing the bus hit that boy, I could feel her arms and the familiar warmth of her tunic against my cheek.  I never felt my guardian angel.  Ah Seem was also much more fun than any nanny was supposed to be.

One day, Ah Seem took me to see the Devil.   Well, the Devil part was hearsay.  My sister said my mother said that he was the Devil.  Whoever he was, he was very popular.  Ah Seem and her friends went to him regularly for group therapy.  He turned out to be much more of a drama queen than any therapist I have seen in the movies.

Even before we went upstairs, the receptionist saw the gold chain at my neck and pulled out the little cross.  Ah Seem handed her my necklace, assuring me that I would get it back when we left.  Sensing that some boundary had been crossed, I kept my mouth zipped and my ears perked like dog ears.  I was careful not to be caught staring as I held on to Ah Seem’s hand.

Upstairs, the large room with shades down was backlit by a tall window with a thin curtain, in front of which was a platform.  People stood in a semi-circle leaving a wide space by the platform.

A man in a long gown, with two attendants, came into the room and walked to the platform.  The attendants stepped aside.  The man climbed onto the platform and sat there with his legs crossed under him.  He started to hum, hum, hum.   He seemed to be hugging himself to keep from falling as his body swayed around and around.  Suddenly, someone nobody could see lifted him up and hurled him into the middle of the room.  He crash landed on the floor.  He began thrashing around.  Then, in a deep, guttural voice that made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up, he began taking questions.  I don’t remember whether Ah Seem asked any questions.  I was waiting on pins and needles to get out of there.

At the door they gave me back my necklace.

Many years later, when it was the 70’s and the New Age of Aquarius, I was visiting my uncle in Macau.  I said I wanted to ask Father Texeira a question.  He was a learned Jesuit, loved and admired, and an expert on old Macau.  He came for tea.

My question was, “Were there demonic possessions in Macau?”

Without even putting down his teacup, he answered, “No, my dear.  There has been no demonic possession since biblical times.”

That should have cleared things up.

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Macau Psychic Seat

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