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Uncle Pedro can get special foods that other people can’t get because of the war.    My sister tells me there is something called the black market.    You have to know people and have lots of money.   Besides brandy and wine, he gets European cheese and crackers, goose pate and Belgian chocolates, all of which he keeps in his room.

My sister is eating cheese and crackers that he gave her, but she says he doesn’t want her to give me any.  He doesn’t like me.

She says he goes to six o’clock mass every morning at our school chapel and prays that God will keep his family safe in his country.   He gets things for the nuns too.  They love him.

One day, my fish are missing.   Even the fish tank is gone.  My fish were not the little goldfish or special fish that I saw before the war.  They were just smallish, ordinary fish that had names because they were mine.  The amah said they died.

At dinner, we have fish.  I can’t eat.  My mom says don’t be silly, this is not your fish.   I look over at Uncle Pedro who has a smug smile he is not hiding.